Initial Framework for Reconstruction of Mosul

Project name :

Initial Framework for Reconstruction of Mosul, Iraq

Budget :

0 - 100K$

Project duration :


Location :

Mosul, Iraq
This Framework will support Iraq's transition from stabilization to recovery and reconstruction phase, and will be incorporated into the Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience Data Platform, which received its seed funding from the Iraq Trust Fund, to guide the national reconstruction process.

The project started in September 2018 and ended in February 2019. Total budget is US$ 90,674 donated by the United Nations Development Plan (UNDP). 

The project's challenges is to  ensure a fast reconstruction, while protecting the heritage and historical characteristics of the Old City. 
It also has to address the problems that wider Mosul is currently facing in the housing sector and the urgent need to support vulnerable returnees whose houses were completely destroyed, which continues to be a major obstacle for the return of internally displaced persons in camps to Mosul.
The Framework provides a holistic and integrated approach for the reconstruction of Mosul, noting that the top priority is to protect heritage sites in the Old City from further damage as analysed and recommended.