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The UNESCO Office for Iraq was founded in 2003 to improve Education, Culture, the Sciences and Media situation in the country. UNESCO's main office in the country is located in Baghdad. UNESCO supports programme implementation in line with the Iraqi National Development Plan, in cooperation with its key national partners: the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, Water Resources, Labour and Social Affairs, Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Governorates, the Independent Higher Electoral Commission, the Communications and Media Commission and others, as well as national and international NGOs.

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The restoration of Al-Nouri Mosque and Al-Hadba Minaret is well underway.

A crane is presently towering over the Al-Hadba minaret facilitating access to the remaining base of the monument, its cleaning and the stabilization of the historic minaret, built more than 840 years ago. A first set of stabilization brackets have been installed around the Al Nouri Mosque as well as Stripes around the pillars of the Mosque’s dome have been placed to stabilize the pillars, while the building of wooden pillars is taking place to serve as propping system. The Al-Hadba Minaret surroundings have been completely cleared, making it possible to walk around the remaining base, in addition to gaining access to the uncovered external staircase to the top of minaret. The clearing goes hand in hand with the recovery of possible historical fragments under the supervision of MoC.