Youth Empowerment

Project name :

Youth Empowerment: Media and Information Literacy as a response to prevent hate and violent extremism

Location :

Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Ma’an, and Mafraq, Jordan
This project focuses on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) as a holistic response to promote the safe and ethical use of the media and the internet, building upon the pilot initiative carried out under the “Support to Media in Jordan” project.

The Youth Empowerment project (July 2018 - February 2020) is currently being implemented by the UNESCO Amman office, with strong collaboration and generous funding from the European Union.

The project works to strengthen the MIL capacities of public institutions (universities and schools), media and education professionals across the Irbid, Zarqa, Ma’an, and Mafraq governorates. UNESCO is working to convene and mobilize national authorities, schools, local radio stations and civil society organizations to empower youth with MIL skills, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Minister of State for Media Affairs and the media community. It also works to promote the active engagement of young people through information and communication technologies.


Advancing media and information literacy

Raising awareness about disinformation and fake news

Why is MIL important for our society and our future?

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Youth Broadcasting MIL

Rumor or Truth? Support to MIL clubs in public schools