Youth for Heritage Conservation and Risk Prevention in Petra

Project name :

Youth for Heritage Conservation and Risk Prevention in Petra

Location :

Petra, Jordan

In support of the Government of Jordan’s Response Plan for the Syria Crisis, the UNESCO Amman office, with generous funding from the Government of Italy, is implementing the project, “Youth for Heritage Conservation and Risk Prevention in Petra”.

Cultural heritage plays a critical role as a source of resilience and identity at a time when the Jordanian population is facing new challenges due to the socio-economic pressures associated with the Syria crisis. Ensuring a well-managed site is of the utmost importance and serves to support Jordan’s economy. Capitalizing on the achievements of the "Siq Stability" project implemented from 2012 - 2018, the overall purpose of this initiative is to enhance the capacities of and provide employment opportunities to youth, focusing on cultural heritage preservation and risk prevention by contributing to the implementation of priority landslide risk mitigation works in Petra.

The project will work to mitigate landslide risks in the 'Siq', ensuring the improved management and conservation of cultural heritage. Training will be delivered in the areas of safety and security; geology; engineering geology as it applies to cultural heritage; and site conservation and maintenance activities in select areas of the site.