System Strengthening


Education is a basic human right. UNESCO's comparative advantage is found in supporting Ministries through successful collaboration. National capacities are strengthened as UNESCO strives to encourage and facilitate access, quality, relevance and equity in the delivery of educational services to all beneficiaries, including Syrian refugees.

  • UNESCO has provided support to the Ministry of Education (MoE) in preparing their Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2018 – 2022. Anchored in the goals of the National Strategy for Human Resource Development 2016-2025 (HRD), the ESP follows a participatory and inclusive approach, in line with the best international practices. After the successful launch event of the ESP, UNESCO is now aiming to strengthen the MoE core policy functions of planning and budgeting; monitoring; research and evaluation; and data to implement the five-year plan.
  • The MoE has made investments to strengthen the Open Education Management Information System (OpenEMIS) to serve as a centralized source of information for planning and monitoring results, particularly on access to formal education. Through UNESCO’s OpenEMIS project, the MoE has established the base towards overall accuracy and reliability of national education statistics.
  • UNESCO assisted the MoE in the development of an education-financing model and implemented a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based school mapping to better inform decision making.