Enhancing Liberia Teacher Education Project through ICT Pedagogy

Project name :

Enhancing Liberia Teacher Education Project through ICT Pedagogy

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This project is to support the Government of Liberia’s (GoL) goal to improve the quality of education and achieve the fourth Sustainable Development Goal by capacitating major Teacher Training Institutes (TTIs) with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures and ICT training for effective pedagogy delivery. This project targets four teacher training institutions with 78 teacher educators and teacher trainees. Also, 15 Master trainers (facilitators) benefit from these training activities.


This project has three main objectives:

  • To train  pre- and in-service teachers in TTIs and university teachers’ colleges for better preparations in delivering quality education to students;
  • To improve learning outcomes for Liberian students with access to ICT-trained teachers and ICT facilities and equipment;
  • To create an ICT in Education Policy and ICT Master Plan for TTIs or teacher education/training systems.


The project is a significant endeavor to promote the efforts of the GoL in achieving the “Education for All” goals, which include improving all aspects of education quality and ensuring the excellence of all, so that recognized and measurable learning outcomes can be achieved through effective and efficient pedagogical use of ICT in teacher education programme. The ICT in education policy, which is a major component of Project Phase II, is aimed to lay the bedrock for future socio-economic development and create the opportunity to transform the educational landscape of the nation.

The TTI’s and the University of Liberia shall have qualified ICT Master trainers (facilitators) who have the responsibility to train teacher-trainees for long-term continuity of ICT-based pedagogical training. Also, the TTI’s and the University of Liberia shall have had experts who participated in the development of ICT-modules and ICT enhanced curriculum. These professionals shall continue to upgrade contents of the ICT modules and the curriculum in line with educational policies and the Liberia ICT Competency Framework for Teachers. The project closure shall ensure that these experts are proficient in module and curriculum review and upgrades.

Achievements (To Time)

Under this project, much has been achieved as follows:

  • Eighty-one (81) teacher educators, trainees, and administration staff have received ICT education.
  • Teacher educators have advanced their acquired skills to e-learning platform.
  • Master trainers (facilitators) have received the training in teaching e-learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
  • Draft ICT Policy in Education has been developed.
  • ICT Equipment maintained and Anti-virus installed in each of the computers.