(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Taiye Remi Fasola

Beneficiary country: 
Fasola Taiye Remi Nigeria Born on 27 April 1966 in Ibadan, Nigeria
Country of study: 
Last degree obtained: 

University of Ibadan, Faculty of Science, Ibadan, Nigeria: PhD in Botany (2 September 2002).

Scholarly work and publications: 

Back extractivism and uses of some medicinal plants: Nigerian journal of Botany, Volume 15, 26-36, 2002. Fasola, T.R and A. Egunyomi.

Indigenous Uses of some Medicinal plants from Dambatta and Azare areas of Northern Nigeria: Journal of Tropical Forest Resources, Vol.18 (under publication) 2002. Fasola, T.R. and J.E. Abu.

The contribution of women herb sellers to health care delivery in Ibadan, Nigeria: The Nigerian Field 67:59:66; Nigeria, 2002.

Screening Nigerian Plants for their Medicinal Importance: Journal of Science Research. Vol.6 (1) 51-57, Nigeria, 2000.

What the fellow says:

"Plant resources are important and crucial for health and development of any country. The main objective of the research I undertook under the UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Fellowship programme was to study the tissue culture methods of four endangered species of medicinal plants in Nigeria. I have acquired scientific knowledge in mass propagation of some endangered Nigerian medicinal plants by means of tissue culture."