(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Rafael Flores Paz

Beneficiary country: 
Flores Paz Rafael Peru Born on 24 January 1970 in Arequipa, Peru
Country of study: 
France and China
Last degree obtained: 

Fudan University Graduate School, Shangai, People’s Republic of China: Master’s degree, Philosophy (1 July 2002).

Scholarly work and publications: 

Political ideas in the Philosophy of Cheng Yi (in Chinese). Magazine from the University of Xin Zhou Shi Fan, volume 18, number 1. Tai Yuan, China, January 2002.

Shangai la belle, Etiqueta negra numero 4. Viajes; Lima Peru, December 2002.

Tres pulgadas de lotos dorados Etiqueta negra numero 5. Viajes; Lima, Peru, February 2003.

What the fellow says:

"The UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Fellowship has provided me with essential support in my professional life as a philosopher in understanding that the dialogue of ideas between different cultures is basically an exchange of ways of living and feeling."