(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Petya Stefanova Orozova

Beneficiary country: 
Orozova Petya Stefanova Bulgaria Born on 14 March 1971 in Vraca, Bulgaria
Country of study: 
Last degree obtained: 

Institute of Microbiology, Sophia, Bulgaria: Doctoral Degree in Microbiology (26 February 2002)

Scholarly work and publications: 

Properties of Yersinia enterocollitica and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in red blood cell concentrate of different ABO groups during long keeping at 4°C. Clinical Microbiology and Infection, P.Orozova, N.Markova, T.Radoucheva (2001).

Mucins in natural mud as inductor of neuraminidase secretion of some Aeromonas strains, I.Abrashev, P.Orozova, Probl.Inf.Parasit. Dis. (2004).

Influence of mucins in natural mud from Pomorie salt lake on the growth and neuraminidase secretion of some Vibrio cholerae non 0-1 strains, I.Abrashev, P.Orozova, Journal of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Volume 58,10, Bulgaria (2005).

E. Rhusiopathiae neuraminidase and its role in pathogenicity. Naturforschung, 61c, I. Abrashev, P.Orozova (2006).

What the fellow says:

"I am very grateful to my supervisor Professor Brian Austin and all his colleagues for their support. Working together was not only effective but also a pleasure and a joy. I appreciate the great opportunity that UNESCO gave me by supporting my professional development and scientific and research experience."