(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Marzena Dorota Godzinska

Beneficiary country: 
Godzinska Marzena Dorota Born on 18 July 1964 in Warsaw,
Country of study: 
Last degree obtained: 

The Warsaw University, Faculty of History, Warsaw, Poland: Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities, Major: Ethnology (12 June 2002).

Scholarly work and publications: 

The Felt-Maker’s Workshop between High Politics and Great Religion, L.Mróz. Sokolewicz (eds.), Between Tradition and Postmodernity; IUAES (Florencja-5-7 lipca 2003), pp.261-269 Warsaw 2003.

Dogmaty, filary I codziennos´c´ (Dogmas, Fillers and Everyday Life), Opcja na prawo, czerwiec 2003, nr. 7/18, pp.26-30, 2003.

A Few Minutes From the Year With Felt - Short Relation from Research in West ad Central Anatolia: ECHOES, The Journal of the International Feltmakers Association, 8-9, Summer 1997.

Turcja muzul-man´ska a laicka (Laic and Muslim Turkey), in: Bliski Wschód (S´wiat islamu – tradycje, spol-eczen´stwa, polityka, The World of Islam – Traditions, Societies, Politisc), nr 2, pp. 66-80, 2005.

What the fellow says:

"This fellowship gave me the possibility to better my expertise in the field of Turkish studies, and consequently I have been offered a permanent position at the Institute of Oriental Studies at Warsaw University."