(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Eugenia Petrova Kovatcheva

Beneficiary country: 
Kovatcheva Eugenia Petrova Born on 15 November 1969 in Ruse,
Country of study: 
Netherlands and Japan
Last degree obtained: 

University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands: Master of Science in Telematics Application in Education and Training (June 2003).

Scholarly work and publications: 

The Framework and Prospective Design for Web- Based Intelligent Tutoring System. Proceedings of the seventh IASTED International Conference on Web-Based Education, 17-19 March 2008, Innsbruck, Austria, V. Uskov (ed.), pp. 82-86. With Okamoto, T., 2008

Tuning the ICT instruments for Harmony in Mathematics and Arts. Working Joint IFIP Conference: WG3.1 Secondary Education, WG3.5 Primary Education Informatics, Mathematics, and ICT: a “golden triangle”, Boston, 27-29 June 2007.

E-Learning for e-Learning: Reflection on Teacher and Student Experiences in an e-learning Course. In: Proceedings, second Balkan conference on Informatics, 17-19 November 2005, Ohrid, Macedonia. pp. 211-219. With Nikolova, I.; Nikolov, R., 2005.

Development of Adaptive e-Learning System Based on Learning Objects. International Conference E-Learning, Berlin, 7-9 September 2005. With Boytcheva, S., 2005.

E-Learning for Enhancing Management Skills. International Conference E-Learning, Berlin, 7-9 September 2005. With Nikolova, I., 2005.

What the fellow says:

"The fellowship was significant for me in various ways. First, I met a lot of people – experts in the field of e-learning – had time for research and achieved successful results. Second, I got to know Japanese culture – a very special feeling for me. I will remember it."