(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Davor Marko

Beneficiary country: 
Marko Davor Croatia Born on 10 October 1980 in Osijek, Croatia
Country of study: 
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Last degree obtained: 

MA in Democracy and Human Rights, joint degree University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) / University of Bologna (Italia), 2005-2006. 

Scholarly work and publications: 

Books and monographs

Marko, D. 2013. Media in minority languages on Western Balkans: Freedom, Access, Marginalization. Sarajevo, Media plan institute. (Editor)

Marko, D. and Sarajlić, E. 2011. State or Nation? The Challenges of Political Transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Edited volume. Sarajevo, Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies. (Editor)

Marko, D. 2009. Zar na Zapadu postoji neki drugi Bog? [Book on stereotypes and prejudices towards Islam in media]. Sarajevo, Media plan institute. (Author)

Marko, D. 2008. PROMIcanje medijske odgovornosti u multikulturalnim društvima. [Guide for journalists]. Sarajevo, Media plan institute. Editor / author. Available online:


Journal articles, book chapters and reports

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