(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Alamira Samah Farag Saleh

Beneficiary country: 
Samah Farag Saleh Alamira Egypt Born on 13 March 1978 in Alkalubia, Egypt
Country of study: 
united Kingdom
Last degree obtained: 

PhD in Media Studies, 2011

Scholarly work and publications: 

Media and creating collective insecurity: Egyptian crises as a model (2012), the Centre for Arab Unity Studies, Beirut, Lebanon. (Arabic).

The role of new preachers in enforcing Islamic teachings-‘Don’t just believe, but act on your faith’, In: Political Islam: Global Media and Boundaries of Religious identity, Noha Mellor & Khalil Rinnawi (Ed). (UK: Routledge, 2016).

Uploading Ideology: Reading Egyptian Social Capital via Facebook Lens. In: Debates for the digital age: the good, the bad & the ugly of our online world, Vol.2, Danielle Coombs & Simon Collister (Ed). (USA: PRAEGER, ABC-CLIO publishers, 2015).

Privacy on social media: An empirical study on Egyptians, an Egyptian periodical for public opinion, Jan-March, Vol.1, 2015.

Media Freedom in Egypt: A Comparative Analysis of Pre- and Post-Revolution Perceptions, Arab Journal of Media & Communication Research (AJMCR), 3rd issue, 1st year. October-December 2013.

Reading Egyptian social capital via Facebook lenses: investigating Egypt’s 30th of June events & its consequences, paper presented to IAFOR (The Asian Conference on the Arts and Humanities) conference, Osaka, Japan, April 2014.

The Concept of the Civil State: Reconstructing the Collective Understanding of the Concepts of Citizenship and Human Rights in the Egyptian Post-Revolution Media, paper presented at the 2nd conference of the Arab Council for Social Sciences: Questioning Social Inequality and Difference in the Arab Region, Beirut, Lebanon | March 13-15, 2015.

Climates of risk: Egyptian Journalism attitudes towards the Islamist political power after the parliament elections 2012, IAMCR Paperso , South Africa, July 2012.

A Rebellion from the Inside: Cyber space & Muslim Brotherhood Youth New Political Identity, the Arab Media Center (CAMRI) conference, Westminster University, UK, April 2012.

The relationship between Egyptian audience’s political ideology and evaluating news media content: a hostile media perspective, Egyptian journal of media researches, Vol. 42, January-June 2014. (Arabic).

M.A. Thesis in Media representation of Egyptian Youth subculture, 2007, Cairo university

PhD Dissertation in Media coverage of Egyptian crisis & collective insecurity in Egyptian public opinion, 2011, Cairo University