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Global MIL Week 2017 Papers and Presentations Submission Form

Submission is now closed.
UNESCO, UNAOC, the MILID University Network, the University of the West Indies and the GAPMIL invite all stakeholders including academic programmes, research centers, think tanks, UN organizations, governments, private sector, international/bilateral donors/foundations, intergovernmental organizations, libraries, museums and archives, media, civil society, and technological mediators etc., across the world who are interested in participating in the Global MIL Week 2017 feature conference to submit papers or presentation about MIL-related research, initiatives, programmes, policies and other types of work and new ideas. 
Topics for papers and presentations should be within the fields of MIL and its connection to information and learning environments; media development, ICTs, freedom of expression and hate speech, human rights and violent extremism, education and youth, sustainable development, research, policy development, creative cities, music as a powerful media of communication etc. Papers submitted for the 2017 MILID Yearbook Call for Papers can also be presented in connection with this feature conference’s call for papers/presentations. 
The deadline for submissions is 15 July 2017. A diverse scientific committee will evaluate and select papers and presentations based on relevance to the themes outlined. The authors of selected papers and presentations are invited to present at the Global MIL Week 2017 feature conference in Jamaica.



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