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Executive Board


2 December 2020 to 27 January 2021: 210th session of the Executive Board will take place as stated in the key recommendations of the online meetings of the Bureau of the Executive Board held on 6 and 10 November 2020.

Tuesday 26 January 2021  

Joint meeting of  the Finance and Administrative Commission (FA) and the Programme and External Relations Commission (PX) -

Room I - 10 a.m.:

The Joint meeting will consider items: 5.III.D, 20 and 22 (cont.)


Committee on Conventions and Recommendations (CR)

10 a.m.:

In a private meeting that will take place in presential in room I, the CR Committee will adopt its Report. Only 1 representative per member of the CR can be present in the room

This will be followed by an on-line public meeting of the CR Committee.


Once the CR report has been adopted in the private meeting, there will be a brief pause to allow for the other members of the Board to connect virtually to the meeting and via “webcast transmission” for non-Member States of the Executive Board.  Non-Member States wishing to take the floor on the public report of the CR are invited to inform the Secretariat in advance, in order to be given access to the meeting.     

25-27 January 2021 : meetings of the 210th session of the Executive Board - Webcast 


Just published: 210 EX/Decisions I Unedited


Circular Letter inviting Member States to submit the names of persons who could be considered as candidates for the post of Director-General of UNESCO EN - FR - SP - AR - CH - RU


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