World water day in Gabon

When, local time: 
Thursday, 22 March 2018 -
8:00am to 4:00pm
Gabon, Libreville
Type of Event: 
Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Like the international community, Gabon will celebrate the World Water Day 2018, on March 22, with the support of UNESCO.

The festivities will be marked by a formal ceremony and panel discussions in schools on the themes:

o The water professions;

o Diseases caused by the consumption of polluted water.

Adopted on 22 December 1992 by the United Nations General Assembly, 22 March has been declared "World Water Day" since the beginning of 1993. This resolution invites States to devote this day according to the national context, implementing actions such as public awareness through publications, documentaries, the organization of conferences, round tables, seminars and exhibitions related to the conservation and development of water resources and the implementation of implementation of the recommended actions.

This year's international theme is: "Water: the answer is in nature". This shows that water contributes to improving social well-being and equitable growth, affecting the livelihoods of billions of people. Subtheme Gabon: Water at the service of nature. Indeed, from food and energy security to human and environmental health, water remains the main element without which nature would not exist. The aim of the activities is to make users aware of sustainable management and water and sanitation professions.