World Philosophy Day - Presentation of the 2018 Issue of the Women Philosophers' Journal

When :

from Thursday 15 November, 2018
to Thursday 15 November, 2018

Type of event :

Special Event

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, Room IV, 125 avenue de Suffren, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

John Crowley,

This special event will present the 2018 issue of the International Women Philosophers’ Journal (4/5), which focuses on women and philosophy in India.

Free entrance.

The Women Philosophers’ Journal, launched in 2011, is conceived as the International Network of Women Philosophers’ major instance of knowledge production, as well as a channel of communication between the members at the international level.

This endeavour represents a rare international-scale experience, whose approach is based on a principle of inclusiveness and multidisciplinarity. It unites women philosophers of all regions and of all cultures around a common effort, knowingly the very act of thinking by means of different intellectual traditions and academic criteria and usages.

Women philosophers are called upon to address fundamental questions that matter today in the field of intellectual work and its social impact, gender equality, human rights and universality, intercultural dialogue and community-oriented policy.

17:00 - 18:15
• La Revue des Femmes-Philosophers of UNESCO, news and perspectives - Exchange between Anne-Emmanuelle Berger, Barbara Cassin, Michele Gendreau-Massaloux, Pierre-Andre Jouvet, Chloé Pretesacque.
• Presentation of the issue 4-5 "Intellectual, philosophers, women in India: endangered species" Divya Dwivedi (philosopher, guest editor of the issue, India)
• Romila Thapar (Historian of Ancient India): "On the recent arrests of intellectuals and activists and the 'Urban Naxal / Urban Maoists' label - short film
• Answer to the number by Nicolas Idier (International City of comics and image, Angouleme, writer): "On the news of the problems in India"

• Shaj Mohan (philosopher, India): "Philosophy and Politics in India"
• Answer to the number by Bernard Stiegler (philosopher, France): "Globality and localities in regression"
• Karthika Nair (Poet and librettist) & Laetitia Zecchini (translator, CNRS researcher) "Jeremiad for the Debris of Stars" / "Jeremiah for the debris of stars" (from Until the Lions: Echoes from the Mahabharata)
• On Arundhati Roy's novel The Ministry of Utmost Happiness - short film
• Discussion with the room