World Philosophy Day 2014 - 14th International Meetings on New Philosophical Practices

When :

from Wednesday 19 November, 2014
to Thursday 20 November, 2014

Type of event :

Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, Room XII, 125 avenue Suffren, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

John Crowley,

On the occasion of World Philosophy Day at UNESCO, and with its support, the ‘Philolab’ association and the University of Nantes (through the CREN research laboratory) organize the 14th International Meetings on New Philosophical Practices (NPP). These meetings are being coordinated by Ms Edwige Chiroutier, a senior lecturer at the University of Nantes.

The International Meetings provide a forum for everyone who is interested in the practice of philosophy in all its forms and with all sorts of people, to make it accessible to as many people as possible – through primary and secondary schools, hospitals, prisons, cafés, evening classes, public libraries, theatres, cinema, businesses and other organizations, etc. Researchers, teachers, practitioners, as well as the simply curious, are all welcome to come and share their ideas.

Over the two days of these Meetings there will be many events: practical philosophy demonstrations with and for children, teenagers and adults; roundtables; communication workshops; research workshops; a “ciné philo” led by Ollivier Pourriol; a book fair; a “banquet philo” Wednesday (20 November) evening at the Café des Phares (Place de la Bastille). So several “works in progress” (in reference to G. Canguilhem’s statement, ‘philosophy is not a temple but a work in progress’) welcome you: PhiloEcole; PhiloSoin; PhiloFormations; PhiloCité; PhiloTravail; PhiloArts; Villes Philosophes; Regards Croisés (in which researchers from various branches of philosophy share their analyses in a session with children); and a roundtable on research.

Registration is free but obligatory: