World Heritage Media/Communication Training Workshop (CHINA): Passing the Culture Message

When :

from Monday 2 February, 2015
to Friday 6 February, 2015

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Fujian, China

Fujian, China – 2-6 February 2015 – Chinese youth leaders and volunteers from Beijing, Mount Sanqingshan, Chengdu, Qufu and other provinces will take part in the World Heritage Media/Communication Training Workshop (China) to acquire some basic skills that will allow them to increase their awareness and boost their capacity to benefit youth heritage-related projects and activities in China, notably the World Heritage Volunteer initiative in the country.
Media and communication is an essential element of World Heritage Volunteers initiative and offers an innovative way in which heritage values can be transmitted through well-communicated projects. The 15 youth trainees will partake in the presentations on the WH Convention, World Heritage Education programme, the specific World Heritage site activity venue. Trainees will also take part in workshop sessions on the creation of effective communication plans, sessions introducing basic shooting techniques including location scouting; how to compose storyboards, scripting, shot lists; video editing sessions, developing storylines, the addition of music, sound , titles and subtitles. The practical hands-on filming will be conducted at the Nanjing Tulou of the Fujian Tulou World Heritage site where they will meet up with the participants of the UNESCO-Panasonic Eco-Learning event. The participants will present their finished videos at the workshop closing on the final day.

The training workshop, held in conjunction to the Panasonic World Heritage Environment Education Programs, is organized by UNESCO and hosted by the Chinese Society of Education Training Center and the World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and the Pacific Region, and benefits from the support of Panasonic.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO and the 30th Anniversary of China’s ratification of the World Heritage Convention, it is expected that these activities will contribute to the enhanced public awareness of World Heritage, recognition of media as a means to conserve World Heritage, and empowerment of youth for transmission of World Heritage.