Workshop “Pastoralist Peoples’ Knowledge of Weather and Climate: Dialogues about Climate Change in Africa”

When :

from Saturday 11 March, 2017
to Thursday 16 March, 2017

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Sabangali-Corniche Rd,, 6073, N'Djamena, Chad

Contact :

The pastoralist peoples of the Sahel hold knowledge about the resources and climate of their environment, which represents a valuable source of information to study the climate and formulate adaptation strategies for these vulnerable peoples. Climate Frontlines is organizing, in partnership with AFPAT, a workshop in N’Djamena from 11 to 16 March, 2017. It aims at contributing to the understanding and documentation of the knowledge held by pastoralists in Chad and Burkina Faso, as well as to identify policies that will enable that knowledge to be integrated into the climate change decision-making processes.
This event has three specific objectives: to conduct an in-depth discussion on community-based research carried out by local project partners in Chad and in Burkina Faso, to reflect with meteorologists on possible ways to create synergies between indigenous and scientific knowledge systems, and finally, to target and identify policies that will enable the knowledge of indigenous peoples and pastoralists to be integrated into the climate change decision-making processes of their countries, which may also be of use to other countries in the region.