Workshop NET-MED Youth "Draw me a public policy"

When :

from Friday 11 September, 2015
to Saturday 12 September, 2015

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Hôtel Novotel, Tunis, Tunisia, Tunis, Tunisia

Contact :

Salma Negra,

On September 11 and 12, 2015, NET-MED Youth in Tunisia will organize a workshop on the creation of storyboards for short videos explaining the principles and processes of the development of public policies, in order to strengthen the knowledge of youth organizations and the general public of the subject matter.

In consultation with the young women and men members of NET-MED Youth working group in Tunisia, the workshop aims at developing simple, pedagogical and interactive storyboards explaining the key notions and components of a public policy, using an educational tool (in the style of whiteboard animations).

Youth participation in this workshop aims at :

- Strengthening youth knowledge of the meaning of public policies, the relevant stakeholders and processes
- Encouraging a sense of ownership for the educational tool to allow for better autonomy in its usage

The workshop will be conducted by a legal consultant and will bring together representatives of youth organizations working under NET-MED Youth in Tunisia.

This workshop is organized in the framework of the NET-MED Youth project which aims at strengthening the expertise and capacities of youth organizations on issues related to them, and encouraging youth participation in 1. the development or revision of public policies, 2. the enhancement of youth representation in mass media, and 3. the identification of strategies that support youth transition into the labour market.

As part of the first expected result, i.e. youth participation in the development or revision of public policies, and taking into account the fact that reflecting on public policies requires a strong knowledge of the norms, mechanisms and public policy stakeholders in addition to practical know-how, UNESCO will work with youth members of the NET-MED Youth working group in Tunisia to develop an education tool on public policy that will be in line with the objectives of NET-MED Youth, its target audiences and their knowledge level.

Once whiteboard animation videos are produced, they will be disseminated across UNESCO’s social media platforms and professional networks and those of its partners. The videos will be made available and accessible to anyone who desires to watch them.

The videos aim at informing youth involved in youth organizations, as well as local, regional and national stakeholders on the best practices in public policies. The videos also aim at raising awareness among the general public on the inclusive approach for the development and implementation of public policies.

The first stage of this initiative is the creation of storyboards through the workshop on September 11-12, 2015.