“Welcome Run”: supporting and advocating for Quality Physical Education in Lebanon

When :

from Sunday 26 June, 2022
to Sunday 26 June, 2022

Manager :

Seiko Sugita, Social and Human Sciences Programme Specialist

Where :

Beirut, Lebanon

Contact :


The “Welcome Run” will be organized in partnership with Beirut Marathon Association to kick off the 542 Training programme, on 26 June 2022, Beirut Water Front. The training aims to prepare physically and mentally first time citizen amateur runners to run 42 km. A group of 100 volunteer coaches and more than 1000 youth volunteers will be mobilized to ensure safe trainings in all regions of Lebanon next 5 months. 

Through supporting the 542 training program, UNESCO aims to:

1) support the behavioral change through practice of sport of 800-1000 Lebanese men and women in their preparation for Marathon and long runs;

2) advocate for the quality physical education (QPE) and practice of sport as means to promote physical and mental wellbeing; and

3) support the civil society-led efforts to promote social cohesion in Lebanon through an inclusive and participatory sport initiative.


Concept Note