Webinar on "Taking Action to End Domestic Violence during Pandemics”

When :

from Tuesday 19 May, 2020
to Tuesday 19 May, 2020

Type of event :

Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Contact :

Anna Maria Majlöf, am.majlof@unesco.org / Damiano Giampaoli, d.giampaoli@unesco.org

In times of quarantine and social isolation, women and girls victims of domestic abuse and gender-based violence, including sexual assault and rape, find themselves confined with their abusers. Isolation, financial and food insecurity, anxiety about the crisis, drug use and consumption of alcohol, the psychological impact of unemployment and close proximity are all factors conducive to more violence against women and girls.

Through this online conference, UNESCO will contribute to raise awareness on the phenomenon of domestic violence and launch a dialogue among its partners to share good practices and innovative solutions that can protect the human rights of women and girls in particular. Global experts and decision makers will join us to tell us what solutions work, and give their opinion on how to mobilize governments and the global civil society facing these unprecedented challenges.

This edition is part of UNESCO’s series of international webinars entitled “Inclusion in the time of COVID-19” that aims to exchange experiences and expertise on the measures to address the COVID-19 crisis at the global and local levels. The focus is on social dimensions of “leaving no one behind” and on actions taken to fight against the growing incidents of racism and discrimination.

· Ms Saniye Gülser Corat (Director, Division for Gender Equality, UNESCO)
· H.E. Ms Elena Bonetti (Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family of the Republic of Italy)
· Ms Snežana Samardžić-Marković (Director General of Democracy at the Council of Europe)
· Mr Humberto Carolo (Executive Director, White Ribbon, Canada)
· Ms Angela Melo (Director, SHS Policies and Programmes, UNESCO)

· Ms Andrea Gisselle Burbano-Fuertes (UNESCO)