Vth UNESCO-MOST Regional School for Latin America and the Caribbean

When :

from Monday 19 August, 2013
to Friday 23 August, 2013

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Lima, Peru

The Vth UNESCO-MOST Regional School for Latin America and the Caribbean will gather fifty participants in Lima, Peru, from 19 to 23 August 2013, to work with an outstanding selection of international lecturers and professors. This edition will also be the occasion to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first Regional School organized in this region of the world by UNESCO's Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme.

Targeting government officials and managers of State institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean, this Regional School will focus on social inclusion, gender equity and sustainable development.

Its main objective will be to contribute to the design of research-based public policies on these issues, linking knowledge and decision-making.

Thus, this summer school will put emphasis on the training of professionals in governmental positions related to public policy design, implementation and evaluation, related to social inclusion, gender equality and environment.

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the first MOST Regional School held in the region, this edition is organized by UNESCO-MOST's Programme, together with several Peruvian Ministries (including Environment, Development and Social Inclusion, Foreign Affairs, and Women and Vulnerable Populations), the UNESCO National Commission of Peru, Consorcio de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales (CIES) of Peru, the Latin American Social Sciences Council (CLACSO) and the Latin American Centre for Human Economy (CLAEH).