Validation workshop on TVET policies in Uzbekistan

When :

from Monday 17 December, 2018
to Wednesday 19 December, 2018

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Hayat Regency hotel, Tashkent, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

Contact :

The Government of Uzbekistan, through the Ministry of Higher Education and Special Education, requested UNESCO to conduct a policy review mission with the aim to assist the Ministry in finalising the TVET policy concept and key directions. The mission should also consider the contribution of TVET to overall development goals of the Action Strategy (2017-2022). Particular attention is to be paid to the country context, including human development, economic activities and labour market functioning, and to key policy and legal documents.

The validation workshop aims at sharing the policy review mission key findings and discuss the strategic priorities and policy options recommended by the review team. The validation workshop aims also at defining next steps for policy dialogue and UNESCO’s support.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems in Uzbekistan is in flux. The Government adopted in 2018 a range of legislative resolutions and the national stakeholders are developing a new vision for TVET. Consequently, new institutional arrangements, governance and organization of TVET institutions are emerging. Further consultation with key national stakeholders is needed to agree on the overall architecture of TVET systems, their governance and funding, qualifications and quality assurance and links with the labor market, in particular, the roles of the private sector and industries on TVET.

Development of relevant skills is critical to Uzbekistan’s economic growth and social well-being. After years of high unemployment and constrained public finance, the economy is on recovery now. The positive economic outlook opens a window of opportunity to reinforce TVET policies and continue to foster inclusive growth and sustainable development. As globalization and digitalization transform economies and labor markets, Uzbekistan needs to equip its youth and adults with the right skills so that they can succeed in work and life. An overriding strategic consideration to reduce youth unemployment is needed for all policy domains including TVET policy.