The use of learning assessment data: what have we learnt so far?

When :

from Wednesday 10 July, 2019
to Wednesday 10 July, 2019

Type of event :

Special Event

Where :

Online, 7-9 rue eugene delacroix, 75116, Paris, France

Contact :

A joint UNESCO (UNESCO-IIEP, UNESCO Office in Dakar and UNESCO Education Research and Foresight) and TALENT webinar (in English) will explore the main conclusions from recently published knowledge products that explore some of the issues surrounding the use of learning data.

Although the number of countries conducting large-scale national and cross-national learning assessments has significantly increased over the past two decades, the use of learning assessment data in educational policy-making and planning remains limited. In spite of important human and financial investments required to design and conduct learning assessments, the wealth of information that learning assessments produce is often under-utilized. Although much has been published on the importance of learning data for improved policy and practice, a better understanding of why it remains underused is still missing.

The webinar will address three main questions:

- What are the main facilitators and barriers for the efficient use of learning data?
- What are the key elements of a broader conducive environment for the use of learning data?
- What are the risks entailed in “misusing” the assessment data?

The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.