UNESCO Artist for Peace Elisso Bolkvadze organizes the Gala concert “Music for Peace”

When :

from Tuesday 15 September, 2015
to Wednesday 16 September, 2015

Type of event :


Where :

Batoumi, Georgia

The Gala concert entitled “Music for Peace”, organized by Elisso Bolkvadze, UNESCO Artist for Peace, took place on 15 September last in the framework of the Batumi Festival in Georgia.
This Gala event, which was organized under UNESCO’s patronage, was part of the 70th anniversary celebration of UNESCO. Many personalities known nationally or internationally were present at this exceptional event in honor of peace and music as a vector of transmission of peace around the world. UNESCO was represented at this event by Mr Eric Falt, Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information.

“At UNESCO, we are convinced that promoting the world’s vast reserve of musical expressions and other cultural traditions, through initiatives such as this Festival, enhances mutual understanding and dialogue”, emphasized Mr Eric Falt in the speech that he delivered on the occasion of the Gala event. He also took this opportunity to express his sincere congratulations to Elisso Bolkvadze for successfully organizing this Festival and for her continued support to Organization’s work in her capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace.

The renowned Georgian pianist Elisso Bolkvadze was designated as a UNESCO Artist for Peace in January 2015at in recognition of her support to musical education and artistic creativity of talented young Georgians notably through her Foundation “LYRA”. In 2012 Elisso Bolkvadze created the LYRA Foundation aiming to support the Georgian young prodigies in their studies and encourage their talent and artistic creativity. In her capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, Elisso Bolkvadze is involved in the Organization’s activities in the field of education of children in conflict-affected areas.