Training for cultural managers from the Intermunicipal Network of Culture, Costa Rica

When :

from Friday 17 April, 2015
to Friday 17 April, 2015

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

UNESCO SJO, San José, Costa Rica

Contact :

Fourth workshop for cultural managers from the Intermunicipal Network of Culture. The network is involved in cultural development in Costa Rica.
This workshop will be dedicated to youth and violence. This training is the fourth of a series of six on local use and application of UNESCO tools.
This workshop deals with violence prevention from the point of view of UNESCO and ONU-Habitat.
The activity will include the presentation of the project called “Youth, Creative Culture and Inclusion”, sponsored by UNESCO, which has as main goal to revalue youth recreation as part of the “free time culture”. Hobbies can contribute to personal development, to artistic and cultural creation and to social inclusion via dialogue. The hobby culture is also an economic source, every year more profitable. That’s why, UNESCO is looking forward to creating in Central America, beginning with Alajuelita in Costa Rica, an annual exhibit of hobbies and entertainments. To support this strategy requires giving spaces of inclusion to vulnerable young people as an alternative option to violence: instruments to create, participate and contribute to a the construction of a peace culture.