Theatre Play: Théodore Wåldo, A Quantic Representation

When :

from Thursday 21 November, 2019
to Thursday 21 November, 2019

Type of event :


Where :

15 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011, Paris, France

Contact :

Camille Guinet,

"Theodore Wåldo, a quantic representation" is an invitation to get lost, to be caught in the loops of a thought that is not ours, to let go the time of a meeting and a debate, which together form one show. This play will take place in the premises of CREATIS, residence for cultural entrepreneurs, in Paris, on 21 November 2019 at 7pm, as part of the celebration of World Philosophy Day.

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Led by Frédéric Darie, the performance will be accompanied by a live exchange with the public on the themes of utopia, identity, artistic engagement and our ability to "change the world".

How much influence does a work of art or a fictional character have on reality? What is the share of imagination in the creation of a political party, a belief or an intellectual research?

“Theodore Wåldo - a quantic representation” is inspired by the "Journal of a vagabond", a manifesto written by Frédéric Darie recalling the genesis of an evolutionary current:
In 2057, we witness in France and Quebec the advent of a more fair society. The evolutionary union, a movement of free thinkers founded by Theodore Wåldo, has laid the foundation for an evolutionary ecological alliance that offers all of its citizens a more respectful, supportive and creative world.

That is when a team of astrophysicists specializing in the study of quantum incursions will discover a temporal paradox: from 2017, the evolutionary union will disintegrate and disappear, drowned among other alter-globalist currents.

How to continue being, if one has never been?

Theodore Wåldo begins a temporal journey based on the control of his brain waves and comes into contact with the man he was forty years ago. In order to save our future, he needs to revive as quickly as possible, the flame of a utopia in the making ...

The code name of this mission is: Project Å.