Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Migration - Regional Forum for Central America

When :

from Tuesday 20 August, 2019
to Wednesday 21 August, 2019

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Hotel Wyndham, Ciudad de Panamá, Panama

Contact :

The two-day regional forum “Challenges and opportunities for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Central America” aims at positioning TVET as a key factor in the region to help to the socio-economic insertion of migrants and refugees. The first phase consists of selected presentations on the matter and the second one with thematic panels to define recommendations.

The regional forum aims at bringing together in Panama City stakeholders involved in TVET and Migration to make presentations on:
-The migration crisis context in Central America by IOM and UNHCR
-The economic contribution of migrants to the host countries and the cost of emigration for home countries by IOL
-TVET as a strategy for socio-educational and professional reinsertion of migrants
-The challenge of recognition of technical studies and working skills certification of migrants
-TVET as a strategy to prevent emigration and ensure the access to quality educational and job opportunities in home countries
Some of the topics: TVET; Migration in Central America; Recognition of studies, diplomas, skills; Lifelong learning; Agenda 2030; SDO 4; Education for Sustainable Development; Centro American Education Policy; Integral Development Plan El Salvador-Guatemala-Honduras of CEPAL; Socio-professional insertion and reinsertion.

The forum’s specific objectives are:
-To offer a space for an inter-institutional dialogue between countries and institutions to address the main challenges, issues, successes and opportunities of TVET systems in the migration context occurring in the region
-To share experiences on socio-professional reinsertion of migrants through TVET, skills certification and job opportunities for persons at risk of emigrating.
-To propose a series of recommendations for TVET reinforcement in the region to address challenges faced by migrant people.