Switched on - Sexuality education in the digital space

When :

from Wednesday 19 February, 2020
to Saturday 22 February, 2020

Type of event :

Category 8-Symposium

Where :

Istanbul, Turkey

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Young people are turning to digital sources for sex and relationships advice in increasing numbers, presenting a marked change in the sexuality education landscape.
Could digital spaces present an opportunity to reach more children and young people with accessible, engaging, and interactive sexuality education? At the same time, how can we navigate the gamut of digital sexuality education, where the content may be incomplete, poorly informed or harmful? The Switched On forum is connecting a range of stakeholders working in this space to engage with the latest evidence, hear about promising platforms from around the world and map-out where to go from here.

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Livestreamed sessions

  • Wednesday 19th February : 8 :30 - 9 :30, Wecome to Switched on
  • Wednesday 19th February : 13 :00 - 14 :00, What do we know: sexuality education in digital spaces
  • Thursday 20th February : 8 :30 - 9 :30, Powerful influencers


What is “Switched On” about?

With the emergence of an increasing number of apps, web pages, chat groups, social media sites and social media influencers, there is growing need for an improved understanding of how sexuality education and information is being delivered in digital spaces, as well as who is accessing it, and how. Young people are also not just passive consumers but are themselves thinking in sophisticated ways about the positive and negative implications of digital technology and are at the forefront of creating and curating online content for their own communities.

What are the objectives?

  • Delve into the latest evidence
  • Learn about and engage with promising platforms from around the world
  • Hear from young people - how they are creating and consuming sexuality education in digital spaces
  • Create networks and conversations between youth, educators, public health professionals and the tech industry
  • Come up with an action plan of how future work can be supported to be effective, engaging and responsive to young people’s needs

What’s on the “Switched On” agenda?

The agenda for the forum will include keynote speakers, traditional and light-speed presentations, participatory discussion and debate, expert panels and opportunities to sample digital content. A range of digital technologies will be used to bring agenda items to life and enable enhanced participation and an immersive experience.

Expect a vibrant agenda based on crowdsourced inputs from key experts and young people working in the field. Day one will set the scene, exploring how young people are connecting, and the state of the evidence. Day two will explore opportunities and challenges of delivering content about sex and relationships through digital spaces, and day three will look to the future. There will be a dynamic market place where participants can engage with a range of digital products from around the world.

Who is coming?

There are many different players who share an interest in delivering high quality and effective information and education to young people through digital spaces. Switched On will bring together 150 young people, content developers, academics, educational professionals and people from the tech world to discuss, debate and define future practice for delivering sexuality education in the digital space.

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