Series of workshops on Conservation of Cultural Heritage

When :

from Monday 25 November, 2019
to Tuesday 26 November, 2019

Manager :

Junhi Han, Chief of Culture, UNESCO New Delhi

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Hyderabad, AP, India

Contact :

As a first series of the Workshops, two events will be held.  The first one on Understanding Conservation of Cultural Heritage will take place on 25 November to be organized jointly with Aga Khan Trust for Culture India in co-operation with Municipal Administration and Urban Development of Hyderabad.  The second one, on Engaging Local Communities: Towards Inclusive and Community Participatory Heritage Management, will be held on 26 November, to be organized in co-operation with the civil society such as INTACH and with the support of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Cooperation.

The workshop will be conducted as part of the UNESCO/Republic of Korea FIT hosted in the World Heritage Centre, implemented by UNESCO New Delhi.

Both workshops will highlight the essence of the World Heritage Convention which is people centred heritage conservation and management advocate that the role that can be played by both cultural heritage and local communities in society.