Seminar on “Experiences of World Heritage in Africa”

When :

from Tuesday 14 October, 2014
to Thursday 16 October, 2014

Type of event :

Консультативное совещание

Where :

Rabat, Morocco

Contact :

The seminar aims to reflect on the experiences of World Heritage in Africa, specifically in the areas related to indigenous systems, management, community participation, economic awareness and impacts of armed conflict. The aim is to analyse the management practices of African World Heritage sites in order to share experiences on the successes and challenges of regional and international interest.

The general theme of the seminar is: “Experiences of World Heritage in Africa”.
This theme will be addressed through four sub-themes as following:
1. Recognition, formalisation and documentation of traditional management systems
2. World Heritage in conflict and post conflict areas and the strategies of rehabilitation
3. Experiences on World Heritage and development in Africa
4. Issues and challenges of conservation of World Heritage in Africa