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Seminar "Economic aspect of culture - Convention's 2005 priorities"

When, local time: 
Thursday, 2 July 2015 -
9:00am to 7:00pm
YU, Belgrade
Type of Event: 
Специальное мероприятие
Ms Bojana Subasic,

This seminar is organized in Belgrade, Serbia, on 2 July 2015 by the Center for Study in Cultural Development and the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia. It will reflect on the links between culture and development and the contribution of culture and artistic expressions to social empowerment.
This conference will refer to most of the important articles of the 2005 Convention dedicated to development of art and culture and their economic contribution. The seminar will also emphasize and evaluate main ideas and projects which have already been supported by the International Fund for Cultural Diversity and hence will help future applicants in their proposals.

It will include several important themes:

legal framework for economic cultural flows;
statistics in economic field of culture;
Convention and its relations with world economy;
examples of good practice in Serbia and the region.

Audience of the event will include artists, organizations of civil society, informal groups in cultural field, as well as public actors and institutions.