SDG14: Ocean: Science based solutions for achieving adaptation and mitigation goals

When, local time: 
Wednesday, 9 November 2016 -
1:15pm to 2:45pm
Morocco, Marrakech
Type of Event: 
Category 8-Symposium

This discussion will explore how the UN system can support Member States in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals related to climate and oceans, including:
- enhancing our knowledge on the impacts of climate change on the marine and coastal environment and sustainable development;
- understanding the role of healthy oceans for adaptation and mitigation;
- building capacities to adapt to climate change through innovative and responsive solutions.

The event will be introduced by a keynote speech and opening remarks framing the topic, followed by discussions.
Keynote speech: ‘Latest scientific findings on ocean/climate processes’ by Prof. Hans Otto Poertner, Alfred Wegener Institute, Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group II.

Opening remarks
• Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary, IOC-UNESCO
• Julia Bucknall, Director for Environment and Natural Resources, World Bank

• Regina Asariotis, Chief, Policy and Legislation Section, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD
• Edmund Hughes, Head, Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, Marine Environment Division, IMO
• Tarub Bahri, Fishery Resources Officer, Marine and Inland Fisheries Team, FAO
• Mary Frances Davidson, United Nations University Fisheries Training Programme

Moderator : Dr. Lisa Emelia Svensson, Director Oceans, UN Environment.