Screening of the documentary "Mi Cultura encierra un tesoro" in San José (Costa Rica)

When :

from Wednesday 6 May, 2015
to Wednesday 6 May, 2015

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Where :

Colegio de Periodistas, San José, Costa Rica

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The documentary"Mi Cultura encierra un tesoro" directed by Luis Bruzón in 2014 shows the reflections of a group of indigenous and Afro-descendant people from the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (Miskito, Mayangna, Rama, Sumo-Mayangna Language, Garifuna and Creole). They participated in a joint program of cultural revitalization and Creative Productive Development on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast conducted by UNESCO between 2008 and 2013 in Central America and produced thanks to the Spanish Fund for achieving the Millennium Development Goals..
Why a cultural revitalization programme on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua? Though these communities have traditionally suffered from inattention, discrimination and poverty, their culture may yet be a motor of economic and social development. These communities, because they are indigenous or African origin, are no less important than the rest of the Nicaraguan people and have the right to know their culture, to document it and transmit it as a cultural heritage for future generations so that they can use it of for their well-being. This begins by recognizing, without fear of being rejected that they belong to different cultures. Awareness of this membership allows them to develop greater self-esteem and make decisions on the fate of their community.
The fact that the Caribbean coast is a multicultural region represents an important asset for the development of the whole country.
In this documentary we will discover this rich melting pot, their traditions, their spirituality, their languages, their skills, their aspirations: "The Spirit" of the coast and the strength that their roots give them look forward into the future. And we’ll also know what they think, what they feel of this treasure contained in their culture in a time of profound change such as the transformations we experience today.
Why is it important to defend his right to be indigenous or afro-descendant, or both at once? Why is it important to save his culture and dare to transform it creatively?
Our will, with this video, is to bring ideas to answer these questions. After the diffusion, the reflection continues on the role that culture can play in the development of people and on the idea that this "treasure" called "cultural diversity" can build a more intercultural, more equitable, society in all Central America.