The role of culture for the achievement of 2030 Agenda

When :

from Thursday 28 March, 2019
to Thursday 28 March, 2019

Type of event :

Special Event

Where :

United Nations Building, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

Contact :

Organized as a side event within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD) 2019, "The role of culture for the achievement of 2030 agenda" will feature a series of performances and talks, aiming to deliver concrete examples of how culture can contribute to achievement sustainable development. It will also demonstrate how creative expressions can be used to raise awareness and engage people across all levels of society, to generate collective and innovative actions to address the issues that are pertinent to the sustainability of our world. The key questions to be discussed in this side event include:
- How culture and the arts in general can contribute to empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality?
- What role creative education can play in building a peaceful and inclusive society?
- How do creative districts contribute to reducing poverty and inequality in cities?
- How artists can be agents of change and contribute to social cohesion and development for all?
The APFSD is the most inclusive regional platform on sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. The sixth forum will serve as a preparatory event for the 2019 high-level political forum on sustainable development (HLPF) and will engage Member States, United Nations bodies and other institutions, major groups and other stakeholders in highlighting regional and sub-regional perspectives on the 2019 theme of the HLPF, “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”.