Revive the Spirit of Mosul: Conference for the Recovery and Rehabilitation of the City of Mosul

When :

from Monday 10 September, 2018
to Tuesday 11 September, 2018

Type of event :

Category 4- International Congress

Where :

UNESCO Headquarter, 7, place de Fontenoy, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

Youmna Tabet :

This International Conference is part of the "Revive the Spirit of Mosul" Initiative launched in February 2018 by the Director-General of UNESCO.
The objective of the conference is to mobilize the international community for the reconstruction and recovery of Mosul, to take stock of the current situation on the ground, to announce the creation of the Mosul Revival Trust Fund, and to present a list of major projects that will contribute to the rehabilitation of Mosul’s heritage sites, reviving its cultural life and its educational institutions.