ResiliArt Japan

When :

from Saturday 23 May, 2020
to Saturday 23 May, 2020

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Online meeting, Japan, Japan

Contact :

Matilda Machimura (

UNESCO organizes a ResiliArt Japan to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the Japanese creative sector. The virtual debate will be joined by the following Japanese artists:
1. Naomi Kawase (filmmaker)
2. Oriza Hirata (Playwright, theatre director)
3. Tetsuya Bessho (actor)
4. Miyavi (guitarist)
5. Tomoko Mukaiyama (pianist)
COVID-19 has hit the cultural and creative industries hard. Behind each cancelled concert, postponed festival, delayed album launch and closed cinema, bookstore and theatre are countless artists and professionals who lost their income.

In times of crisis, we need art more than ever. People are turning to arts and culture as a source of comfort and hope. Arts and culture are an important coping mechanism around the world. Art makes us resilient.
The ResiliArt is an online debate series with key cultural industry professionals and artists that raises awareness of the far-reaching impact of the current confinement measures. It also highlights the importance of cultural and creative industries not only to the economy but also for social cohesion, critical thinking and life in general.

ResiliArt serves as a platform for artists and cultural professionals to speak about challenges that they are facing, discuss solutions to such challenges, and collectively imagine a new system of economy for the creative sector in the post COVID-19.

This movement also raises an awareness about the suffering of the creative sector. Emerging artists are struggling to make a living with their artwork, especially in times of crisis. Other culture support professionals, such as sound engineers and cultural managers, have lost all means of income due to the lack of professional status and informality of their work. Hearing voices of influential artists like our panelists offers a light of hope for those who are suffering.