Regional Workshop: Work-Based Learning Programmes for Young People in the Arab Region

When :

from Thursday 21 June, 2018
to Friday 22 June, 2018

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

UNESCO Beirut - Office, Beirut City Sportive, Beirut, Lebanon

Contact :

Since 2015, UNESCO has worked together with the Inter-Agency Working Group on work-based learning (WBL) on a common and wide understanding of WBL schemes : Together with the European Training Foundation (ETF) and other agencies, an advocacy tool for WBL has been developed to ensure a common understanding and approach on this topic between the main international development /br /In the framework of the Inter-Agency Working Group cooperation, and more than 10 years of the publication of the ETF’s report on ‘Work-Based Learning Programmes for Young People in the Mediterranean Region’, UNESCO and the European Training Foundation (ETF) have collaborated in producing a new comparative analysis in light of the new international sustainable development agenda, the UNESCO TVET strategy and the SDG4 (in particular targets 4.3 4.4) and recent EU policies on TVET and /br /The objectives of the 2018 ‘Work-based learning programmes for young people in the Arab region’ Comparative study are to provide updated knowledge and examine barriers for making progress. br /
The workshop aims atbr /- involving relevant national stakeholders in the discussion of the preliminary findings of the synthesis report, in the perspective of filling any gaps in the analysis and fine-tuning its conclusions;br /- Paving the way to developing common guidelines to promote successful policies and practices associated with effective quality work-based learning arrangements for young people;br /- Fostering regional cooperation on the topic of work-based learning across the region and to identify areas and opportunities for /