Regional Seminar on Public Policies for Inclusion and Equity in Central America

When :

from Wednesday 28 January, 2015
to Thursday 29 January, 2015

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Hotel Sheraton, Panama City, Panama

Contact :

Charaf Ahmimed,

The seminar aims to contribute to the debate on inclusive social policies in the context of Central American countries and identify a platform to promote social inclusion and recommendations on how to improve evidence-based social policies.

Around 50 regional experts and stakeholders from Central America will gather, including academics, governments’ representatives, development partners and international organisations, civil society organisations, the private sector and UN agencies.

Participants will propose options for the promotion of inclusive social policies that could be taken up for consideration by national and international decision makers.

The seminar will allow reviewing existing tools and initiatives related to policy development and social inclusion of disadvantaged communities in Central America. National policy frameworks conducive to social inclusion will also be discussed, and policy makers will be informed of the challenges and opportunities that might arise in the exercise of policy formulation which improves social inclusiveness of the most disadvantaged and the poorest groups.

Key objectives are:

i. To provide participants with better understanding of country challenges on social inclusion and solicit national and regional recommendations on how social policies in Central America can be re-shaped to be more responsive to national and regional goals.

ii. To inform policy makers about the challenges and opportunities that might arise in the exercise of policy formulation which improves social inclusiveness.

iii. To identify and discuss linkages between research, policy, and practices related to social inclusion, including participatory approaches and participation of disadvantaged communities.

iv. To inform discussions of the Summit of the Americas (April 2015).

v. To support development of a long-term project that aims to strengthen national capacities to analyze the level of inclusiveness and social sustainability of existing policy and regulatory frameworks.

The results and recommendations of the regional seminar will contribute to the ongoing discussions and deliberations in the lead up to the Summit of the Americas that will take place in Panama in April 2015. Subsequently, UNESCO and its partner organisations will support development of a long-term project as mentioned in key objective v.