Regional reflection session "The Future of Disaster Risk Management in Central American development model. Causes, scenarios and alternatives for action"

When :

from Tuesday 4 November, 2014
to Wednesday 5 November, 2014

Type of event :

Категория 8-Симпозиум

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Organized by UNESCO in cooperation with FLACSO. Participants that will attend the meeting of the Central American region constitute a balanced mix of geographic representation, gender and sector: from academia, public sector, international cooperation agencies, the United Nations system, development banks, NGOs with local projects, national systems of risk management and private sector.

The activity aims to address a need expressed in various technical and academic forums about the lack of spaces dedicated exclusively to a leisurely reflection on the direction the activities that are part of the disaster risk management areas are taking; but also on the importance of promoting a debate on alternatives to build to bring the issue of disaster risk to the development agenda.
A summary of the discussion will be published and distributed among the various technical, political and academic networks that maintain regional linkages. Additionally, specific inputs will be extracted from the discussion for various regional and global processes where there is a space to present relevant issues such as:
• The new framework for disaster risk reduction in the United Nations, to be approved in the Third World Conference 2015
• Review of the Millennium Development Goals
• The establishment of the development agenda derived from the Sustainable Development Goals