Promoting Girls' and Women's Education for Gender Equality

When :

from Friday 8 November, 2013
to Friday 8 November, 2013

Type of event :

Специальное мероприятие

Where :

Room XI, 7 place Fontenoy, 75007 , Paris, France

Contact :

Mugiho Takeshita ( - Florence Migeon (

This side-event will provide an occasion to discuss UNESCO’s contributions to promoting girls’ and women’s education, and to outline continuing challenges and new solutions and ideas to overcome them.

The side-event will be opened by high level personalities, including the Director-General of UNESCO and the Executive Director of UN Women, and will provide an opportunity to present and share UNESCO’s and other partners’ on-going work and recent publications regarding girls’ and women’s education around the world.
Gender equality and education are fundamental and inalienable human rights. Gender equality is one of the overarching priorities of the international development agenda as well as of UNESCO’s work, embedded in its efforts in all its domains, including in promoting education for all.

The Global Partnership for Girls’ and Women’s Education was launched by the Director-General of UNESCO in 2011, with the conviction that education for girls and women has the power to break cycles of poverty, achieve greater social justice and sustainable economic development and peace. The Partnership aims at raising awareness and bridging policy and financial gaps regarding girls’ and women’s education. It mobilizes non-traditional partners in order to expand secondary education for girls and women’s literacy opportunities and, ultimately, promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Participants will be invited to visit different stands that will present some update of the projects developed under the Global Partnership for Girls’ and Women’s Education in five African countries. Visual presentations and publications on issues such as literacy and gender and the use of ICTs in promoting gender will also be proposed and the updates from the on-line “World Atlas of Gender Equality in Education” developed by UNESCO Institute for Statistics will be presented.

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