Presentation of the findings of the MOPAN 2017-2018 assessment of UNESCO

When :

from Monday 1 April, 2019
to Tuesday 2 April, 2019

Type of event :

Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, 7, place de Fontenoy, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

Bratlie, Grethe Sofie

Norway as the institutional lead country, representing MOPAN members in this assessment process will be hosting the launch event to all UNESCO Permanent Delegations. At this event will be presented the findings of the MOPAN assessment of UNESCO.
A webcast of the meeting will be available through the following two links:

In 2017-2018, MOPAN, the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network, assessed the performance of UNESCO. The assessment looked at UNESCO’s organisational effectiveness (strategic, operational, relationship and performance aspects) and the results it achieved against its objectives. This was the first MOPAN assessment of UNESCO.
MOPAN’s mission is to:
- Enhance accountability by supporting its members to assess organisational and development effectiveness of funded multilateral organisations.
- Promote learning by informing strategic engagement and dialogue among multilateral organisations and development partners.
Credibility of assessments is ensured through an impartial, systematic and rigorous approach (MOPAN 3.0 methodology).

Members of MOPAN use the outcomes of these assessments to, inter alia, inform strategic decision-making and engagement with the assessed organisations.

UNESCO is one of the 14 organisations assessed by MOPAN in 2017-2018 period.