Preparatory Workshop for National SDG4 Benchmarking Exercise

When :

from Monday 30 August, 2021
to Tuesday 31 August, 2021

Where :

Beirut, Lebanon

Contact :

Hana Yoshimoto, Chief of Education/Senior Programme Specialist UNESCO Beirut

The process of developing SDG4 national benchmarks is a technical process requiring clear understanding of the technical details related SDG4 targets and indicators including calculation of indicators, identifying different data sources to consider, determining the extent of disaggregation of data, developing measurable indicators, and setting benchmark values.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) which is the responsible agency for providing the technical support to member countries in the development of national benchmarks is expected to provide the technical details necessary for selecting and arriving at national benchmarks later in 2021. However, the bilateral discussions held with the countries in the Arab region by UNESCO Beirut office between March and June 2021 have revealed that many countries are in need of additional support in unpacking the SDG4 targets and indicators. Many countries, due to lack of availability of consistent and comprehensive data or lack of clarity in understanding some of the thematic indicators, have requested technical assistance from UNESCO Beirut to help them build capacity at country level to monitor SDG4 targets.

Through such capacity development process, it is expected to help countries to clarify issues in understanding and calculation of specific indicators, the use of other sources of data and deciding on the selection of national indicators. This would help the countries to be technically better prepared when the main national benchmarking exercise gets underway with the technical assistance of the UIS.

The workshop is expected the help countries to understand better the SDG4 concepts and clarify technical issues related to thematic indicators, availability and use of data for certain indicators and some issues to consider while selecting national SDG4 benchmark indicators.


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Workshop Report (EN)

Workshop Report (AR)

Selecting National Benchmarks - Technical issues to consider

Education Data Quality and Collecting Data for some Challenging SDG4 Targets

Understanding the SDG 4 Indicators, Concepts and Methodologies