PacWave 18: Tsunami Warning Exercise in the Pacific Ocean

When :

from Saturday 1 September, 2018
to Friday 30 November, 2018

Type of event :

Special Event

Contact :

Bernardo Aliaga (

The aim of PacWave18 is to test country preparedness arrangements and operational procedures to respond and recover from a destructive tsunami, especially at the community level.
PacWave18 will include multiple scenarios to enable all Member States to select a distant, regional or local event that will impact their country. Scenarios will include past historical events, for instance the 2009 Tonga Trench (Samoa Islands Region), 2010 Peru-Chile Trench (near the coast of Central Chile), 2011 Japan Trench (near the coast of Honshu), and 2013 South Solomon Trench (Santa Cruz Islands) tsunamis.