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Official "UNESCO" AR 127 telescope giving to "Los Molinos"Astronomical Observatory (Montevideo)

When, local time: 
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 -
10:15am to 1:00pm
Uruguay, Montevideo
Type of Event: 
Церемония награждения
Grandi, Jorge
Within the framework of strengthening scientific and educational capabilities, in January 2013 the UNESCO negotiated a donation of a "UNESCO" AR 127 telescope granted by the Explore Scientific Company (USA) to the Astronomical Observatory "Los Molinos" from Montevideo, Uruguay.<br /><br />The Astronomical Observatory Los Molinos is a professional and amateur observatory which contributes to the education of children, youth and the general public in matters of astronomy and related sciences. The telescope will be used by children while they go out in educational astronomical camps and by the general general visiting the Observatory.