The ocean must be part of future climate solutions

When :

from Wednesday 3 December, 2014
to Wednesday 3 December, 2014

Type of event :

Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Where :

La Tricoterie , Rue Theodore Verhaegen 158 , 1060 Saint Gilles, Bruxelles, Belgium

More than 25% of the CO2 emitted each year by humans into the atmosphere is absorbed by the Ocean, which is also the largest net supplier of oxygen in the world, playing an even more important role than forests. The Ocean is thus the main lung of the planet and is the center of the global climatic system. Even though the Ocean continues to limit global warming, for the past decades, anthropogenic pressure, particularly CO2 emissions, overfishing and pollution have degraded marine ecosystems. The Ocean is at risk of not being able to fully play its role in regulating the climate.

People must have access to information on relevant factors, enabling them to assess the links between ocean and climate. Raising awareness empowers citizens and decision makers to engage and influence international negotiations regarding our climate. Putting the ocean at the centre of climate talks during the next United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2015 (COP 21) is crucial, for the climate, environmental health, and the sustainable development of our societies.

This conference is part of common actions of the Ocean and Climate platform launched by a group of non- governmental and research organizations, with the support of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. The platform is a multi-stakeholder structure including scientific organizations, universities and research institutions, non-profits, foundations, science centers, public institutions and business organizations that aims to raise awareness of the general public and inform decision makers on the crucial role of the ocean in the global climate system, ahead of the 21st Conference of Parties on Climate Change that will define the roadmap allowing the international community to address climate change in 2015, while encouraging research on the links between ocean and climate.

The conference is organized by the Surfrider Foundation Europe, with the participation of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commissionof UNESCO, the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (lDDRI) and the LIFE Programme of the European Commission.

An information meeting on the Ocean and Climate Platform 2015 will be held the following morning (4 December) at 9:30 am for members of NGOs or scientific research interested in the work of the Platform. To register for the information session, please contact Elodie Bernollin (