National Review Seminar on the Status of Community Learning Centers - Mongolia

When, local time: 
Friday, 6 April 2018 -
9:00am to 5:00pm
Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Type of Event: 
Working group/Expert Meeting

The National Review Seminar on the Status of Community Learning Centers (CLCs) is organized by the Culture and Education Programme Sectors of the UNESCO Beijing Office in partnership with the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO. This event will bring together stakeholders from government institutions, non-formal education specialists as well as cultural heritage experts to review the current status of CLCs in Mongolia and share good practices for future developments of CLCs in relation to cultural programs and cultural heritage protection.
UNESCO has been an active advocate for lifelong learning, which forms an essential component of the Education 2030 Agenda and is captured in Sustainable Development Goal 4 which aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. In this regard, Community Learning Centers (CLCs) have proved to be an effective mechanism to deliver lifelong learning training programs to empower disadvantaged groups who are outside the formal school system, including youth, adults, women, and the elderly.
Not only are CLCs key catalysts for human resource development, but more importantly they support community empowerment, social transformation and life quality improvement. The CLCs initiated by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in 1998 has now expanded to nearly all Asia-Pacific countries.

Commonly known as Non-Formal Education Enlightenment Centers in Mongolia, CLCs were introduced within the framework of the 1997-2001 UNESCO Project “Learning for Life” and in the past decade, they have successfully provided Mongolians with skills training programs to improve literacy rates, empower local people and contribute to rural development.

The National Review Seminar on the Status of Community Learning Centers represents a unique opportunity to review the current status of CLCs, assess past achievements and address future opportunities and challenges, as well as explore potential synergies and linkages between CLCs and existing cultural programs in Mongolia.
The event will bring together representatives from CLCs in Mongolia, officials from the Mongolian Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sport, experts and researchers in the field of non-formal education as well as cultural heritage experts to discuss how CLCs could play a role in the promotion and protection of Mongolian cultural heritage but also work for the promotion of cultural diversity.