Narratives of faith and memory: remembering the lost of sculptures of Kathmandu. Exhibition of paintings and research

When :

from Sunday 15 December, 2013
to Saturday 21 December, 2013

Type of event :


Where :

Patan Museum, Lalitpur, Lalitpur, Nepal

Contact :

Sylvia Scheurer

The exhibition of paintings and research by Joy Lynn Davis explores the visual histories of religious stone sculptures stolen from the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Through paintings, interviews, and photographic documentation, this exhibition
weaves together narratives of these sacred spaces, exploring how people respond when religious art objects — that exist, not as commodities, but as vital living community participants—are physically removed.
Twelve large‐scale paintings bridge the present and past states of these sacred spaces by realistically depicting
the sites as they look presently and then visually “repatriating” the stolen sculptures back into those sites with
23 karat gold. The artist’s use of gold provides a visual language revealing to the viewer which sculptures have
been stolen.